a little intro to SKIHIRENZ


This Page is designed to walk New customers through the process of hiring with us. after the first time its easy we keep all the details to make the next time a breeze.

We try to keep this process as simple as possible.

Here at Ski Hire nz we like questions, no Question is a bad Question.

The team is happy to give you some reassuring answers that provide educated facts and eliminate the uncertainty of Ski or Snowboard Hire.

Our business requires every customer to provide a Name, Email, Address, Phone (The Normal contact details). The more contact details the better we can communicate. We will put a group leader as the main contact but we will require each person to create their own personal account, this way we can monitor your account and offer the best advice. You can Contact us anytime during store operating winter hours.

Skiers Personal Information required is Height, Weight, Ability and (BSL) Boot Sole Length.

To check Skier Ability see chart below.

The above mentioned details helps us provide a DIN setting, This din setting, basically sets your safety retention from boot to binding and is a (ISO) International standards Organization. We choose the latest approved platform and keep our systems up to date, thereby ensuring your safety.

Skiing and Snowboarding is classed as an extreme sport. We are here to give you the equipment to enjoy the mountains but please take care of yourself and others on the mountain. Remember the number one rule.

Give Way To Down Hill Traffic On The Snow.

Snowboarders If you are pre booking we do not need a Din setting as Snowboard Bindings are not designed to come off. We need your Snowboard Boot size, Stance type Goofy or Natural, Angles from front to back and if your particular, the stance width. Find out more here How to Set up Your Snowboard in Detail

The Boot Fit Is So Important

Getting the correct boot fit is a really important process. If you are on the magic carpet or beginner slopes you can get away with a relaxed fit, as you progress, so does the need for the perfect fit, this is referred to as a performance fit.

A good boot fit feels like a firm handshake, at no point should this be uncomfortable or have any pressure points that are painful. Toes at the end of the boot will feel foreign however when you bend your knees the pressure will come off allowing room to wiggle.

Our boot fitters will walk you through a step by step series of questions to give you the best options when hitting the slopes. Everyone’s feet are different, with this in mind we take our time ensuring the perfect boot fit.


Our rental technicians are trained to guide you through this experience, assisting with the choice of the correct equipment with you.

Linking your turns and progressing on the mountain? We recommend our Premium packages. We have many reasons why to go premium, check out Skis or Snowboards to get a better explanation of our ranges.

Consult These Descriptions To Select Your Skier Type

Type I

Ski Cautiously
  • Enjoy slower speeds.
  • Enjoy cautious skiing on smooth. slopes or gentle to moderate pitch
  • Entry level skiers unsure of their ability.
  • Would rather lower than average release/retention settings.
  • Would rather come out easily

Type 2

Ski Moderately
  • Enjoy a variety of speeds
  • Enjoy skiing on variable terrain
  • Skiers not classified at Type I or Type III
  • Average release retention settings, appropriate for most recreational skiing

Type 3

Ski Aggressively
  • Enjoys faster speeds
  • Enjoys aggressive all mountain skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitchs
  • Would rather a higher than average release/retention settings.
  • Less likely to come out in the event of a fall or impact.

Type I:  Its ok if you are a skier who desires a lower release setting that’s below Type I, this will however increase your the chance of releasing. If you have a bad knee or underlying health conditions please talk to your doctor before you come skiing and let the technician know. Safety first!

Type III+: Skiers who desire higher release settings above Type III will be required to sign a waiver to say they have requested a higher than normal DIN, for many highly experienced skiers, this is not uncommon, If skiing big lines with high consequences you do not want to release. Generally speaking if you are of this ability you will know the DIN that you want to set.